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Photo of David Stevens, Chief Digital Strategy Officer, UX Designer, Digital Jibe Agency in New York City, New York
David Stevens, Founder & Chief Strategy Officer Digital Jibe LLC – NYC, New York

Message from Founder & Chief Strategy Officer David Stevens – Digital Jibe, NYC

Digital Jibe is an award-winning New York-based, Digital Agency specializing in Website Design, Development, and Internet Marketing. We are customer-focused, data-driven, Design Thinkers who create business value through innovative strategy, world-class engineering, and the principles of web usability and good design.

We’re a diverse team of industry veterans – strategists, designers, and engineers – with in-depth experience building web strategies that succeed. We love the thrill of using new technologies and the pride we feel when our clients love our work. Our agency officially formed in 2019 to provide high quality, affordable, conversion-enabled websites, and internet marketing services for colleges, universities, and small businesses.

With the launch of our next-generation digital customer experience platform – Seamless DX Enterprise – Digital Jibe has significantly upgraded our core products and services. We’ve combined AI-powered social analytics and ‘Growth-Driven Web Design,’ with our award-winning websites and marketing automation platform to offer best-of-breed solutions tailored to deliver ROI in the era of digital.

Growth-Driven Design (GDD) has emerged as the gold-standard for web design in the digital era. It uses Agile Product Development and data-driven decisions to drive month-over-month improvements across all digital touchpoints.

Growth-Driven Design: By the Numbers

60 Days vs. 108 Days

How long does the site take to launch from the initial kickoff meeting? Growth-Driven Design: 60 days – Traditional Web Design: 108 days. More About Our Web Design Plans

14% More Leads

Agencies that used GDD on Websites reported seeing 14.34% more leads after 6 months. See How the Process Works

12% Higher Revenue

12.56% higher revenue reported for agencies that used GDD over 6 months Learn More About the Growth-Driven-Design Process

Seamless DX Plans: Features & Benefits

Our new Social Listening and Analytics products and the GDD methodology integrate seamlessly with our award-winning web design, digital marketing, and automated accessibility services. Together, they produce fertile ground to help businesses grow, meet KPIs, drive ROI and achieve success in the digital age.

With Seamless DX Enterprise, we’ve combined top-rated products with exceptional value to provide cutting-edge digital solutions engineered to deliver new business. We designed the Seamless platform around these five guiding principles;

  • To enable ‘speed-to-market ‘strategies to better adapt to changing market needs;
  • To align with the evolving goals of the business by implementing data-driven optimizations across all digital touchpoints – incrementally;
  • To embrace empathy in mapping a contextual customer journey, reduce digital friction, and facilitate a seamless online experience that converts leads into customers;
  • To use Social Listening to understand real-time consumer preferences, behavior, and feedback;
  • To utilize agile product development to test, measure, refine, and innovate digital channels incrementally;

Increasing Speed-to-Market

In today’s fast-paced world, consumer preferences are continually changing. The longer it takes to get your product to market, the more likely it is that your assumptions about your prospective customer will be outdated. To address this critical need, Seamless DX provides a robust turnkey website solution that enables the delivery of a highly functional, conversion-optimized website in as little as 2-6 weeks.

Discovery and Research

A key deliverable for all ‘Seamless DX Enterprise’ plans, is the Digital Strategy Roadmap, which will act as our team’s north star for the project. This document outlines the overall project goals, prioritized target audiences, features, opportunities, and creative considerations. We’ll work with you to establish Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and other components that work together to provide the definitive guiding objectives for the project. This concise document will also help to explain the project charter to stakeholders outside the core project team.

Social Listening & Social Media Analytics

Social Media Analytics is the most effective way to identify opportunities and catch pain-points for your brand, products, and services. It uses AI to collect company and industry-relevant information from all social and online touchpoints. At the heart of Seamless DX Enterprise is our new AI analytics engine. Social Analytics and Social Media Listening tools perform an essential role in forming your Strategy Roadmap. The analytics provides the intel we need to develop a better quality of products and services that is in line with the demand of your consumers.

Key Benefits of Social Analytics

  • Understand topics and tactics that drive social engagement;
  • Identify and engage target audiences;
  • Optimize the ROI from content and campaigns;
  • Measure the most effective channels and distribution tactics;
  • Adjust paid promotion based on campaign results;

Key Benefits of Social Listening

  • Collect company-relevant information from all social and online touchpoints;
  • Have a robust data set for data-driven decisions in different business areas from product development to customer service;
  • Identify pain points for customer, employees, and stakeholders;
  • Find opportunities for improvement, change, or expansion;
  • Post timely messages tailored to your audiences’ tones and contexts
  • Identify brand advocates;
  • Post timely messages tailored to your audiences’ tones and contexts
  • Create more chances to react to user-generated brand-relevant sentiments

Digital Marketing

If you want to grow faster and grow smarter, you need an effective digital marketing strategy. We blend industry experience, technical know-how, and imagination in finding unique opportunities to connect with your customers by designing personalized and well-targeted marketing campaigns – and proven SEO/SEM strategies. With our Strategy Roadmap and Foundational website in place, we leverage Social Listening and Analytics to inform an integrative plan for using content, search engines, social media, and email to promote your business.

Our Value Proposition

By increasing speed-to-market, we’re better able to validate our ideas, content, keywords, and marketing strategies, as outlined in our strategy brief. Using agile product development, we’ll revise, iterate, and innovate to enhance the best performing channels and modify or eliminate the others.

With our vendor-partner agency discounts baked into our monthly subscription plans, Digital Jibe offers outstanding value to our client partners. We use powerful technologies and proven, impactful strategies to help your business grow online leads, calls, and revenue. We’ll also help you to establish brand loyalty and trust, and amplify the ‘good-vibes’ about your company or institution.

For a flat, monthly rate, you get the skills, creativity, and passion of the entire Digital Jibe team. We’ll take care of your ongoing web design, secure web hosting (including daily site backups), accessibility, SEO, and Local SEO services (including voice-activated search), social listening and social media analytics, digital marketing services, chatbot services, and more.

We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to collaborate with you on shaping the strategy and execution of our powerful new digital platform for the future, “Seamless DX Enterprise.” Learn more about our Seamless DX products and plans or get in touch with us and request a free consultation to discuss your project and goals.

Thank you and very best wishes for Digital Transformation success for your organization.

~ David Stevens, Chief Strategy Officer, Digital Jibe – New York City

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